About Parabolica

For lovers of vintage speed machines, racing history and art, for those who've made the car part of their own essence, in their own quest for enjoyment and fullfilment in speed.

At Parabolica there are is no right or wrong, no good or bad taste - just an appreciation for everything with 4-wheels and whatever brings a smile to your face. 

 Parabolica is the result of a petrolhead working late at night, combining my two favorite things: the universe of vintage cars and art - to express my love for classically shaped 4-wheeled speed contraptions. 

Why Parabolica? It's simple: because it's  the last corner of the Portuguese track of Estoril, where Ayrton Senna won his first ever Grand Prix race and where I come from. Having spent my youth climbing onto the trackside fence in the hope of seeing glimpses of the cars on track, it's part of why I fell in love with cars and racing, and influenced my life path to take me to England and study Automotive Design, ultimately bringing me here.

Drive on.